Bitcoin and blockchain technology
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Your international bitcoin advisor.


Bitcoin is a revolutionary peer-to-peer network and technology stack that re-defines how value is moved across the globe. It serves as the backbone for borderless money, asset tokenization, smart contracts, decentralized marketplaces, distributed computing and much more. Yuri helps individuals and organizations understand how they can benefit from Bitcoin's potential and become pioneers in the coming age of crypto-finance.

  • Individuals and entrepreneurs
  • Small, medium and large businesses
  • NPOs and charities

  • Personal and group presentations
  • Executive and staff training
  • Infrastructure setup

  • Face-to-face meetings (Vancouver)
  • Audio- and video-sessions
  • Email and IM support

About Yuri

Having a great deal of interest in hi-tech Yuri stumbled upon Bitcoin in 2012 and became truly addicted to the idea of how this technology can change the world as we know it. Its mere potential made him re-evaluate numerous things in life and start looking for the opportunities in the space. Co-founding The Bitcoin Co-op, a non-profit organization whose goal is to educate individuals and businesses about Bitcoin, became a catalyst for involvement in multiple interesting projects. At the same time, over-the-counter trading became a hobby. In 2015 Yerofeyev launched Taurus, Canada's second largest bitcoin exchange, while helping individuals and companies learn about the exciting future that Bitcoin is poised to bring and become part of it.